A snippet from one of the short stories in the Kissing In The Rain short story collection




An ominous rumble of thunder preceded the first crack of lightning. A heavy downpour of rain soon followed. Simon, Aspine’s tabby, let out a sorrowful meow as he scurried to safety under her bed. Rainy nights now held some of Aspine’s best memories.

"Scaredy cat.” Aspine admonished gently with a slight smirk. Pulling up the plush, down-filled comforter, she snuggled deeper into the soft haven of her bed and the warm body next to her, snoring softly.

Streaks of light danced across her bedroom wall, lighting up the darkness in zebra stripes of whitewash. The rain patter across the roof played a treble beat of seductive rhythm soothing to her ears. The splashing water drops on the pavement outside her window made for a sultry acoustic accompaniment.

She thought of him then.

The handsome guy from the bar a street over. The guitar player. His pale blue eyes haunting as he picked and strummed his custom, Jaguar Fender. The power he possessed over the crowd, over her, spread through her very being like a drug. His music rippled through the air and landed gently on those secret aching places. Each strum like a beautiful stroke against her body, each pluck like a butterfly kiss invading her mind.

Nine months ago

Her fascination with him came unexpectedly. Why had she even ended up in this bar? She was not the bar type. She had spent many an evening on her balcony listening to the music as notes escaped when patrons entered and exited. The music was different the last two evenings. Nothing had ever enticed her to go through the doors. The eager patrons nor the small musical notes filtering through the door interested her.

Her apartment window faced the alley that ran perpendicular to the club. It was like a secret passage or portal heading straight to the front door of the bar. She had seen many couples share private moments in that alley. Every day working-class people were doing things to each other that they would not talk about in the light of the next day. In the passage, hidden from unsuspecting wives and husbands, left behind at home, strangers met and coupled between walls of brick and mortar.

Tonight was different. It was like the music drew Aspine in, calling to her on some deep, aching level.

©Venis Nytes

Song Inspiration:

Luz by Fous De La Mer and Heartbeat by Fous De La Mer

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