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Completed Titles

Kissing in the Rain: An erotic short story collection

Snippets from each story in the collection:

Aspine | Let Me In | Mending Fences | Oil and Roses

Stalker a 500 word horror short

Beef Witch You a fantasy story - Two witches, one huge beef. Savanah Knighton a human earth witch, moves to the witch suburb Forest Haven to hide her secret magical harvest when she is befriended by a real blood born witch, Beatriz. Their friendship, Savanah's secret, and Beatriz suddenly disappear. What in the broomsticks is going on? Will Savanah find more than her missing magical property? Welcome to Forestdale! The rules are simple!

Follow the story to find out. Read chapter 1


Fantasy • Magic • Paranormal

Two Witches get in over their heads when one steals what the other is trying to hide

Kissing in the Rain: an erotic short story collection

Erotic Romance

Four unrelated stories of passionate exploits

Works in Progress

E-VOLV a paranormal suspense romance (possibly series,) WIP snippet

TIME LESS a reverse paranormal, fantasy romance WIP snippet

UNNAMED sci fi story WIP snippet

GINNIE TRANSFORMED Kindred Souls series a paranormal story (possible series) WIP snippet

The TwELFth Before Xmas A Forestdale Short Story: Forest Lake Isle (book 2) fun fantasy story for the holiday season

I'm LYCAN You A Forestdale Short Story: Forest Grove (book 3) fun fantasy paranormal romance

The Tasked Bunny series working on first book currently

Random Writings

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Stalker 500-word horror story read


  1. Anything We Want

  2. Cookies and Milk

  3. How

  4. The Child Between Us

  5. Now We Wait