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I post excerpts of the first draft short chapter versions or (parts) of my stories on Wattpad, Inkitt, and My Blog. They are not the final or complete version but a way to work through the bones and ideas in 1000-word sections of my stories and hopefully build an audience.  My stories are for adult readers, and some contain explicit language and depict mature subjects and describe in detail intimate content, I have a blog where more extensive parts are posted as I work on my stories. I am no longer looking for another platform to post my writing for readers to enjoy. This website and my blog Venis Nytes Writes will be the source for my writing adventures. I am looking to network with more authors and readers. 

I invested in the Neil Gaiman Master Class and Grammarly Premium to improve my writing.

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I enjoy writing erotic short stories and have completed a version of my collection of erotic short stories called Kissing In The Rain.  You can read a snippet of the first draft version for free on Inkitt. I also like dark paranormal and am trying my hand at science fiction romance.

 I posted my original version of Mending Fences on Literotica. My story has over 29k reads and a 4-star rating.  It's free to read but is not the final version.  It has been included in the short story collection. 

The blog will chronicle my writing journey, my woes, and goals, my accomplishments, mistakes, and snippets from whatever I happen to be working on at the time. I am in a few writer groups on Facebook trying to find my writing community and keep encouraged while learning as I go.  New posts are scheduled every other day if not every day through June 2022. After that blogs will be posted about twice a month so I can focus on writing new stories.   Check frequently, especially if you are reading stories in parts. 

The Ties that Bind is the first story on the new blog. The first 10 parts were released daily for 10 consecutive days. TTTB has been renamed E-Volv. May has a sample of Mending Fences and also the story behind the story and some other writing life posts. A new story will be introduced in parts for May. Go to the blog for more info.

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