Mending Fences

A snippet from one of the short stories in the Kissing In The Rain short story collection

Mending Fences


It was almost 6:30 pm when Lysa turned the key in the lock and entered her new home. She had been here about a month after relocating from Newton, Massachusetts. She had not gone far; just over a few cities to Amherst. Her reason for being in Newton, left with barely a backwards glance, so she had nothing keeping her there. Her job had an office in Amherst so that made the decision to move so much easier.

She dropped her attaché case and keys on the kitchen counter, slipped her pumps off and headed through the living room. She looked around the room and went back into the kitchen to get some water to give to the plant she forgot once again to water. She plucked the few brown leaves from the plant and returned the empty glass to the kitchen and dropped the leaves in the garbage pail. A small surge of anger welled up inside of her which she immediately pushed back down before it turned into a deluge of tears. She needed air.

Lysa sighed and walked out to sit on the back patio. The night air was crisp, and the leaves were just starting to turn colorful shades of orange and red. She stood at the edge of the patio and breathed in the cool air. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the broken slat in the fence. It was not broken when she bought the house, a little over 3 weeks ago. She had attempted to contact the neighbors on the other side of the fence, but they were either avoiding her or they were on totally different schedules. She certainly was not going to fix it since she had not broken it. Besides, she did not know the first thing about mending fences. She turned her back on the fence and walked over to the outdoor patio set she had just purchased. It still had that new smell to it despite being outside.

Stretching out on the rattan sofa, she put her feet up and wiggled her toes. The air felt so good on her feet after a long day in pumps and stockings. She could see it just above her toes, taunting her. Again, the missing slats in the fence beckoned. She frowned at it, willing it to stop distracting her. Lysa decided she would go over in the morning before she left for work and try to see if she could speak with them about whatever happened. Lysa resigned to the fact there was really nothing to be done tonight.

Out of habit, she reached over, without looking, to the little side table for her cigarettes. Her hands met air. Lysa turned and looked at the bare space. She realized that her cigarette pack and lighter was not there.

'Great!', she thought.

Just as she was getting comfortable. After running around all day at work, from one meeting to another, all she wanted to do was put her feet up. Lysa hoisted herself up to go back inside and look for them. While she was inside, she decided to change out of her work clothes and into a comfy t-shirt and shorts. She took the pantyhose off, balled them into a tight wad and pitched them in the hamper, followed by her skirt and blouse.

“2 points and the crowds go wild!” Lysa jumped up and down mocking the sound of fans at a basketball game. A single tear escaped and made it partially down her face before she angrily dashed it away.

“No!” she said to herself. “You don’t waste tears on them. Not today.” She sniffled and hurriedly dressed in a t-shirt and shorts to make her way back downstairs to look for her cigarettes...

Gerald and Fernando

Gerald had been working 12-hour days, many days sleeping at the hotel where he managed, and Fernando had been away tending his sick mother. Gerald did not like being in the large home without Fernando. It was not truly a home when Fernando was not there. He had arrived just minutes before his love came through the door. Gerald met Fernando when he visited the hotel with his mother for a local art conference. As soon as his eyes met Fernando’s he had looked away quickly. He was still not entirely comfortable in his own skin. Gerald knew he could bring him out of his shell if given just a few minutes. Gerald made sure that he was the one. From that moment on, there was no one else for Gerald.

Both finally home, Fernando rushed into his arms. They wanted and needed, to get in a little quality time. After some quick hugging and heated welcome home kisses, Fernando suggested that they get some fresh air. On their side of the fence, things were starting to heat up...

©Venis Nytes

Song Inspiration:

Tempt My Trouble – Bishop Briggs

Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs

Water - Bishop Briggs

Be Your Love – Bishop Briggs

A little history

The original first draft of this story received over 29k views and averaged no lower than a 4.36 star ratings on Literotica. The updated version, not yet available has more content. I share this information with you, not to brag, but because I was shocked that my first story I put out did so well. I thought I would only get about 100 views to be honest. It's a MMF story. The heat level is high. I hoped that I captured the male voice properly as there are three distinct personalities. I can't put any more up of the story because it goes straight to the good stuff very quickly.

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