Random Writings

A collection of my random writings and musings


(poem and 500 word short horror story)


A dark poem

From my hidden room I watch you

I see with eyes blinded by lust

Every breath I take I crave you

I breathe you in

I exhale you

From my hidden room I watch you

Heart swelling to overflowing

In stolen glances I behold you

I want you

I need you

From my hidden room I emerge

You don't see me Forsake me

You look past me look through me

The light cost me

You hurt me

From my hidden room I watch you

I watch you go about your life

Leaving me Not noticing

I seethe with hurt

I hate you

From my hidden room I watch you

I'll show you the beauty in agony

I count the hours I wait patiently

Now the time comes

I hunt you

©Venis Nytes




Evan never thought much about Ken after their one or maybe two hook ups. That was way back in his freshman year of college. He had a successful career and a family now.

He remembered bumping into Ken a few times throughout the past few years but Evan was a busy man. He didn't have time to hang out with Ken. He thought Ken looked like he had not changed much from college. He was always work on some things or in between jobs. Evan had a busy law practice and was soon to make partner. He only schmoozed with the right sort of people. It was hard enough to get quiet time alone with his wife between the hours he worked and the kids.

Thinking back, he had felt at times like he was being watched but brushed it off as being silly. He now understood why his tires had been slashed about a month ago and mail had been missing.

He wondered what he could have done differently. How could he have missed the signs? He considered himself a good guy, a smart man. Yet here he was. He thought about Vanessa. His gorgeous petite wife. She was his everything. They connected on a level that was soul deep. He loved her. She loved him back just as fiercely. No questions or doubts. His twins. They were just turning 5.

What would they think?

Evan lay naked.

Stretched out, just past the point of uncomfortable, spread eagle. The cold steel slab he found himself on was a fitting metaphor for the things to come.

His mouth, bound and gagged.

His wrists and ankles chained to a large butcher's counter.

Evan's muscles were beginning to strain, the restraints were taking their toll on him. His breathing was labored. Beads of sweat covered his abdomen and chest. The chains chafed his ankles.

He wanted to apologize. Ask to work things out, beg even. The gag quieted any excuses.

Large slabs of raw meat hung on large hooks down the center of the room.

To his right he saw the large machete and butchers knife, the tools use for slaughtering farm animals. To his left clear plastic sheets covered the windows, floor and walls. Was this to be his fate? Butchered like an animal. Blood was already drying in the superfluous wounds across his body.

And directly in front of him... Ken.

Ken whom he thought he was rid of. Ken, who never got his shit together. Ken, his albatross around his neck. Ken who would most certainly kill his family or worse yet. Find a way to make his family love him.

Ken had Evan's manhood, physically and metaphorically, in his right hand squeezing them mercilessly and a pair of large steel shears in his left.

Evan had fought the inevitable for as long as he could. Ken was not making it easy on him. With tears in his eyes, Evan relaxed his body and surrendered to his horrible fate.

© Venis Nytes




( a song)

Where did you come from

how did you get here

I wasn't looking for no one

I wasn't searching

What did you think you'd find

Baby I'm no great prize

you climbed up mountains

and swam across oceans

how did you Break Down the Walls

I need to know

how did you get in here (crossed arms in front of chest)

how did you get so close

I wasn't searching

I wasn't looking

tell me how, tell me now

how did you get in here

I don't know what you think

Or what you hope to gain

My heart is inaccessible

Hidden in stone

wrapped up in heavy chains

You think you have crossed the finish line

You think your journey is complete

Go now and rest your weary soul

Cause in the morning the real test begins

You get to meet the beasts

All the darkness inside me

The anger, defeat

The resentment, the hurt

the lies and betrayal

That has chipped away at me

Again I ask how did you get here

Standing so close

Why did you come

Didn't you know I was broke

I wasn't searching

I wasn't looking

tell me how, tell me now

how did you get in here

©Venis Nytes

Written by Sheri Thomson as Venis Nytes

Friday June 21, 2019

anything we want

Anything We Want


We can be anything we want

Just take it from the sky

Reach higher than the clouds

Pull it from our minds

This broke down place we live in

Is not all there’s to see

I have a haven of freedom,

fresh ideas and love inside of me

We can be anything we want

Just walk outside your door

Down the street and around the corner

where I don’t know anyone anymore

My stomach is no longer hungry

The bruises faded by my smile

The hurt that is inside has been gone for over a mile

We can be anything we want

Play any game we wish

Take down monsters in the dark

and the ones that are closer still

I can be a sweet song, floating in the air

You can be an eagle with wings to spare

We can lift each other up

No looking down for us,

We can be anything we want

no looking down on us

We can be anything we want

All we have to do

Is run far from this place

Reinvent ourselves

Into something we respect

Someone who we like

A person with a new name

We can be anything we want

We don’t have to be the same

We can be anything we want

in this lifelong game

©Venis Nytes

cookies and milk

Cookies and Milk


Cookies and milk

When do you tell them

Their eyes so full of expectations at the end of the year.

You have tried to prepare them,

But oh fuck

If the world doesn't intervene

Lily white skin

Fluffy white beard,

Rosy pink cheeks and if you are lucky a sober twinkle in his eyes

Cute little elves

Tall, thin, fat, short and in between

In costumes of joy and

Perpetuating the lie

The jubilee

Everywhere you go

Festive lights, excited chatter

Brightly wrapped gifts under the tree

Is all that matter

How do you tell them that

You eat the cookies on the platter

the child between us

The child between us

There once was a little girl who was born into the universe from all of the moon rocks from all of the planets from out of the darkness of the Galaxy from far away Where Angels Sing and Stardust is born.

You were made from Love.

Breathed life into from high above.

Go forth little child.

Leave the world a better place than it was when you came.

Little child you are kissed by angels hugged by God and given to man and woman as a gift. But sometimes people don't appreciate the gifts they are given.

So little child that was gifted to the world

that came from Stardust, Moonlight, sunshine,

your soul traveled from distant planets, other galaxies,

through wormholes, black holes, black matter.

Your first breath as you enter this world will be painful

as you are beset with fear, hunger and thrust into the harsh light.

You will be unloved,

unwanted, beaten, raped, molested, stomped on,

tread upon, mocked and laughed at, you will call for me.

I may not answer.

Nay, will not answer.

You will continue to seek me after each travesty and hardship.

I will not answer.

You will learn to pray deep from the soul within you

where words are but anguished moans,

honey to my ears and I shall acknowledge you then.

I will give you strength to carry on through the bad decisions, I will give you favor, I will make you inner beauty apparent on the outside.

I will provide a shelter, from your charity,

I will put the lower of us, around you to make sure that you are taken care of

when you are struck down.

Never loved properly, never nurtured,

What are these foreign concepts?

The child between us is me.

©Venis Nytes

Now We Wait

(written during a bout of election day anxiety)

Now we wait

Breath abated

Fingers tapping

Pacing back and forth

We waited

4 more years

Much like the latter

Disruption, corruption

News on every channel, chatter

DO our voices really matter

We wait

A whisper of hope

Blue a conscientious wave

Red a tsunami

We wait

Casting like 3rd world countries

Afraid, stressed out

More votes than ever mailed out

Is that who we are now

We wait

Fingers crossed

Little black dots on a paper

Long lines, the privilege and the cost

A divided nation, racism and anger

We wait.

Prose by Venis Nytes

All works by Venis Nytes are copyrighted works and shall not be used for any purpose without permission or being authorized by the owner of said writing.