My first attempt to write a sci fi story with aliens on a faraway planet, use some words of their language, world build, etc. It has proven challenging. I got a lot of reads when I initially posted the first few parts on Wattpad but since then, I have changed the cover, and not really updated anything because I was stuck. All the ideas seemed like ideas from something I had seen, heard or read already. I know this book my take some time to complete. here you can read the glossary, prologue and first draft of the first chapter of UNNAMED.


Raa-men - an alien race of warriors that look like humans, except much larger and more muscular, and they get markings that are their source of power and weakness.

Cycles - years

Brevas - birds

Gliding - similar to flying (drifting on wind) for short distances, volplaning

Siam - Siamese cat like race, regal, have tails. catlike eyes walks on two legs human-like appearance. White or greyish - white skin, delicate features

Solstice - Solar event where one of the three suns moves to the opposite side of the planet and is furthest away from the planet. Resulting in slightly cooler weather on the planet.

Yerns - miles

Tyto - owl like race usually scientists, doctors and advisers


His people had only been on this planet for 70 cycles. A mere blink of time for a race born with longevity that averaged over 1000 years. The planet had no name and his family and the rest of the mixed Verbinium refugees were fine with that, referring to it simply as home.

After the catastrophic end to their true home planet Verbinia, they believed a planet without a name would not be an easy target. It was a small planet as far as planets go in the galaxy. A Dwarf planet. Surrounded by meteoroids making access to the planet troublesome. So far, they had been correct, enjoying 70 cycles of peace.

His mother, a master healer from a long lineage of feline royals and his father a pure bred Raa-men, a general in the Protective Guard, the 4th son of the last King, had fallen madly in love with one another upon first sight. They were not a product of arranged love as the Verbinium customs dictated. Because of his father's family's pedigree , he being the oldest son of the King and his mother's royal station, the relationship had been begrudgingly allowed. Many cycles later, on their true home planet however, they still waited for permission to breed. Then the wars came, and invasion followed. Verbinia and most of the inhabitants and visiting alien races were destroyed. The invading species, The Gorh, a hostile parasitic alien race, invaded many of the inhabitants through brain mites and used them to prepare the planet for attack. Then allowed the mite to kill them slowly, painfully, and violently. The Tyto, developed a small seed, made from verbus that killed the mite upon entry of the ear but by the time it was developed and implemented, the planet was lost. Everyone who boarded the refugee ships were inoculated so that they did not bring the threat across the galaxy with them. The Gorh enslaved many females and sucked the planet dry of it resources, making the once vibrant and technologically advanced planet uninhabitable.

Fleeing ravished and destroyed Verbinia, they arrived on this small planet half a cycle later with a small fleet of about 1000 survivors, a small stash of verbus energy and few supplies.

His parents were the first to have a child in this new world. His name is Cayleb. Cayleb was born on the new planet 20 cycles ago. Under normal circumstances, he would be considered a youngling until his 100th cycle born day.

His parents were considered an anomaly on Verbinia. But they were perfect for rulers in this strange new world. Two different alien species from different worlds were never more perfect for one another. After 50 cycles on this new world, it was deemed safe to start breeding and slowly, one by one, successful births occurred. Cayleb, being the first. His parents fostered a more tolerant way of life, simply because of their own love for one another, and the fact that many of the survivors were not in conventional mating pairs.

The Tyto, an intelligent race of owl-like beings, who were trusted advisers, scientists and healers, monitored closely all the coupling pairs and births, keeping meticulous records. They kept a small ship off planet as they did on Verbinia. They allowed unmatched males to contribute their seed to females who wanted to keep their bloodline pure. Since there were many different species among the survivors, the Tyto helped match pairs when needed, to make sure the offspring would be viable. Much was trial and error, during the early cycles and 1/4 of the population died. Unmatched carrier females that were not yet ready to settle down could provide couples with an option for offspring as well.

There was still much to learn and even more to tame on their new home planet. This planet, their new home, was hotter than Verbinia, with its three suns, and one exceptionally large moon. During early exploration of the planet one of the refugee vessels land on the opposite side of the planet and discovered new plants, animals and fruit.

His people had happened upon the Goa fruit by accident during early exploration of the new planet. Once discovered the Tyto set about understanding its uses and properties.. To his people, it has long been a special and important fruit. Its skin is used in several medicinal remedies and its soft, lightly sweet insides were in sections that could be easily shared. Goa seeds were harvested in a short and dangerous season on the planet.

5 cycles ago Cayleb wandered far off from his parent’s land and happened upon the cavern. It was like he was being drawn to this hidden place. Cayleb discovered a secret deep below the vast forest that encircled a great portion of land around the family dwelling. He coveted the place of serenity, not sharing its existence with anyone. Somehow, he knew that was supposed to be that way.

In the depths of an underground black water pool something has been disturbed, awakened. Cayleb could feel its presence. Cayleb visits in secret became more and more frequent as he developed a kind of relationship with the strange entity that did not reveal itself to him. Then one day something changed. It started as a whisper of his name as if the entity were testing his name on its tongue. Then it became more distinct. Soon a beautiful female voice started communicating with him. Teaching him about the new world he inhabited. Preparing Cayleb for what was to come.

Does the soul of the planet speak to him or is it something else entirely? Will Verbinium refugees who now call this planet home, have more to fear from surviving on the UNNAMED planet or the UNNAMED entity?

© Venis Nytes

Chapter 1 Cayleb



Today was the last day of Solstice 1.

It had rained nonstop for a week. Most believed it helped to keep the planet cool and free from fire from the mini solar flares that didn't always burn away in the atmosphere before landing in long streaks on the surface in a path of charred land on the far side of the planet. This new planet had 3 suns, but they were smaller by at least half than the 2 suns back on Verbinia.

The first of the 3 suns had successfully made the orbit to the dark side of the planet without a catastrophic flare. The dark side of the planet had very small amounts of solar shine for most of the year. As the 3 suns positioned themselves on that side of the planet, all of the dormant plants and animals had a short season to grow and procreate. There was solar shine for long periods before it became night. But night was more like dusk, not really dark.

As for the side that the Verbiniums inhabited, the days were just a bit shorter as each sun made its journey away until the night was equally as long as the day. The nights thankfully cooler during this time.

A small festival was planned for later tonight so that they, the refugees of Verbinia, who now inhabited this planet, could thank the Universe for sparing their new home. With the first sun on the opposite side of the planet, a rare delicacy would now bloom and there would be a race to harvest it and bring back the delicious fruit that also had important medicinal properties before the second of the three suns made the orbit to the other side of the planet.

His people had happened upon the Goa fruit by accident during early exploration of the new planet. Once discovered, the Tyto set about understanding its uses and properties. To his people, it has long been a special and important fruit. Its skin is used in several medicinal remedies and its soft, lightly sweet insides were in sections that could be easily shared. The juice extracted mixed with sweet flower nectar made a delicious drink. Goa seeds were harvested in a short and dangerous season on the planet.

None have successfully been grown outside of its natural habitat. Not even when soil was brought back to grow it in. The Tyto suggested it was the plants survival mechanism from being over harvested. A gift for birthing parents and served during festivities, the Goa fruit is precious, only blooming after the first solstice on the dark side of the planet. A small group of Harvesters make the hazardous journey each year. This year Cayleb hoped to join the ranks of the brave harvesters that make the dangerous trek to the other side of the planet.

Cayleb's mouth watered at the thought. His family had finished their supply much earlier this year due to the extra guests that had stopped by to have their offspring blessed. This was a bountiful cycle. His people were beginning to flourish in this new environment.

Cayleb was born with an adventurer’s spirit. He had no other siblings and his parents recognized how special and unique he was. He would make a fine leader in his father's place one day. His mixed blood is a strength.

Not one of his people would ever take their new homeland for granted. They had learned a valuable lesson. A lesson taught in bloodshed and destruction. Cayleb shook his head to clear his thoughts. It was much too early in the day to think of such hurt, of such loss. Of the invasion.

He walked across the open field, his palms outstretched, touching the waist high blades of grass. The flowering plants leaned into his fingers, sharing their secrets, allowing him to learn their makeup. A strong cool breeze whipped through the field stirring everything in its path. It felt good across his bare chest. He enjoyed listening to the sounds of life within the field. Brevas chirped happily as they flitted from tree to tree. Water rushed across rocks from the small stream that passed through the field up ahead. It teemed with wonderful fish and plant life that the new keepers of this land were still discovering and naming.

Cayleb stopped walking and turned his head to the left. He heard the call deep within him. He waited a beat to allow the call to come again touching his very core. Tiny hairs stood up on his body in anticipation. Smiling, he took off at a slow jog and launched himself into the air. He landed at the edge of the tree line that surrounded his home. Looking back, he was proud to see he had glided further today, than ever before.

His father said that Gliders were revered back on their true home planet and came from a purebred line of Raa-men. Cayleb was only half Raa-men. From his pure breed Raa-men father's side while his mother was pure breed Siam an alien feline race. In theory, he should not have this ability. In theory, his parents should not have been allowed to pair. He smiled at all of the unconventional things that had to happen, just for his existence. He was essentially the first of a new race of alien, that had no name.

The story goes that his father was smitten with his mother as soon as she arrived from a neighboring planet. Her grandparents, her uncles and aunts all the way to her parents were rulers on their planet in 6 of the 9 very large territories on Nuunus. 3 other families ruled the last 3 territories.

Nuunus had three landscapes. Lush jungles, islands surrounded by clear blue water and dry grasslands. The atmosphere was perpetually warm with rains that nourished the growing grounds. They had huge crops of lush fruits and vegetables along with herding animals they primarily fed on and traded the animal meat for proteins and parts for other needs like medicine, and textiles. They traded their exotic food, seeds and water for technology and metals not available on their planet.

The planet Nuunus was a vacation planet to many of the surrounding planets, making it a very desirable place for the galaxy's wealthy royals and elite. It was a frequent and favored destination of the King and Queen of Verbinia who traveled with their trusted guards. Which is how his father first laid eyes on his mother.

Verbinia did massive amounts of trades with her planet. She was an ambassador and liason who spoke many languages and frequently accompanied her parents to Verbinia as they groomed her to one day take her rightful place as ruler of their territories. Over the years their vessels were becoming increasingly attacked and targeted during the long journey between their two worlds. Valuable resources were being lost and the beautiful females were being enslaved, impregnated and never seen again. To avoid seeming weak, the Nuunians did not share what was happening. Not until it was too late.

His father never stood a chance. His mother was a beauty to behold and had a regal grace about her, matched by few others. Myrah often traveled with her siblings, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. So Rook knew he had to go through them to get to her. Luckily for him they were more interested in socializing than politics and made it no challenge at all for Rook to find ways to be around her. He pursued her relentlessly until he made her his. They met secretly on almost every visit afterwards until he spoke to his parents about his intentions. The Nuunians did not have the rigid mating rules the Verbiniums had adopted, which Myrah teased him about.

She was fiercely loyal and deeply loved his father. She had fought by his father's side on numerous occasions in the last days of Verbinia even as news of her own planet's destruction reached her. Only one of her sisters and both of her brothers fled Nuunus and had been on Verbinia visiting her when the all out assault began. They had escaped with the other refugees. The last days, when most of the Verbinium race vanished under the onslaught of the war from another world destroying parasitic race of aliens was a painful part of their history. But love still blossomed, hope survived and all races were called Verbinium here, no matter where they were from or what breed they were until they decided a new name in the future.

Cayleb found out quite by accident he could glide. Gliding was a very rare trait. The hairy tufts under his arms hid small webbed flesh that acted like mini wings. He remembered first feeling them and being alarmed that he was suffering from some sort of malformation. He suffered alone for a full cycle, afraid to alert his parents until he saw if he got weak or sick. None of which happened. He continued to grow strong and healthy.

Jumping from a high branch one late evening, instead of landing, a gust of wind buffeted him into the lower branches where he crashed headlong onto the ground. His arms were stuck out to his sides as the webbing was fully opened. He studied it, touched it and tried to force it closed. He could not go to his parents with his arms stuck out like a flying breva. His hearts raced as he tried to figure out what to do. Once he calmed down he noticed that the webbing became pliable and he was able to lower his arms again. He spent the rest of the day and many days after that jumping and gliding. His mother's feline bloodline already gave him many skills, such as jumping, climbing, balance, cunning and speed. His father's superior bloodline gave him size, healing abilities, ferocious fighting skills, the hearts of a warrior and an unencumbered sense of duty.

Cayleb looked around to make sure no one had seen him as he entered the wooded area.

Cayleb hurried along the path he memorized. From time to time he climbed the trees in an effort to confuse anyone who might follow or track him. After approximately 5 yerns, he veered right and came upon a large stone at the base of a rocky ridge that stretched about 2 or 3 yerns in the distance and about a half a yearn high. It was surrounded by dense forest, trees and plants. It was well hidden, but he happened upon it. He rolled the stone to conceal the entrance and it soon was covered with vines and foliage and looked like a natural rise in the forest. While he liked being the only one that knew of this place, Cayleb sometimes wondered why no one else had found this place.

He rolled the stone aside and stood at the small cave mouth. Ducking through the entrance he turned and rolled the stone back into place. Cayleb blinked his eyes to adjust to the dark interior in stark contrast to the brilliant day it actually was outside. Squatting slightly, he made his way down the steep, rocky incline to the inner chamber. The air in this corridor was dusty and dry. He ran his hands lightly over the drawings on the walls which were a mystery to him, written in some ancient language of another race. He wondered what happened to them. Did they die out or simply abandoned the planet for a more viable, race sustaining, one. While this planet was at times difficult, maybe even a bit inhospitable, it was no shabby pile of rocks.

Once the corridor of rock opened up, the air was humid and warm causing a sheen of sweat across Cayleb's body. At times like this he was glad he had molted. He hated the damp feel of the fine fur he had of his youth when he came as a youngling.

Large mineral formations hung from the ceiling and a pool of turbulent black water churned in the center when it wasn't a flat glassy mirror of peace and tranquility. To his left and right were paths to other chambers. Many still unexplored as of yet. He sensed that this place was big but honestly didn't know just how interconnected and expansive it really was. He had explored some of the paths and chambers but did not want to get lost so he approached his exploration vey leisurely.

He sat next to the pool and watched the glassy surface of the water intently. His yellow eyes dilated as he searched the surface, waiting. Cayleb found that he enjoyed the solitude of the cave. His mind centered and settled.

He was approaching the age of the change and he was anxious. He had only one marking on his smooth muscular frame and curiously wondered what he would look like once the rest of his markings appeared. The first born on a new planet, he was sure he would be blessed with new talents from this world that weren't available from the planet of his ancestors. He was already larger and taller than most of the males that were born on the dead planet that used to be his people's home. He was raised to respect this world as a living breathing entity. He had always done so.

After sitting next to the black pool for a while, Cayleb grew impatient and decided nothing of interest would happen today he got up to leave.

"Leaving so soon young one?" The sound of water churning, followed by a beautiful, serene voice filled the cavernous room. Cayleb loved the sound. It was like the sound of nature on a beautiful morning, rippling waters and brevas singing the most harmonious melody they could. It was silk, if the sound had a texture. He was in a playful mood and decided not to answer as he made his way towards the incline out of the cavern.

It was the UNNAMED.

Rocks tumbled and the floor shook unexpectedly causing Cayleb to almost lose his footing. He sprang to a side wall and hung on as the rocks crashed to the floor. When the cavern settled he jumped down and asked if She was having a tantrum? He laughed thinking it ridiculous.

"You were rude not to answer. I was just reminding you to respect your elders." The beautiful voice responded.

"How would I know you were an elder. You have only recently spoken to me and I haven't seen you. You could be a very strong giant child." Cayleb answered in earnest.

"I assure you that while I am but a child of the universe, I am very much.... older... than you. And with such knowledge you will not ignore me. I am the one who keeps this planet. Your people and their trampling around disturbed my slumber. Your conception awakened me. It is I who keeps this planet in balance. I who allow your presence." the beautiful voice reprimanded Cayleb. "You don't need to see me, you can feel me, You are the first son, you are part of this world, part of me and I, part of you.

"Yes, you have told me this before...." Cayleb began

"Then why did you ignore me?" The voice interrupted.

"I was being playful ... or are you too old to remember playfulness?" Cayleb asked

She thought about the term and scanned her memory for the word. It had been eons since anyone had played with her. Most beings simply... couldn't. Her sister could though....

As the UNNAMED remembered these thoughts the cavern fell into darkness and the galaxy filled the room. Cayleb turned this way and that, looking at planets and stars, blackholes and galaxies he had never seen and something wisping through them that looked faintly like children playing tag.

When Cayleb gasped she brought her consciousness back to their conversation.

"What was that? Where was that?" Cayleb asked incredulously

The beautiful voice sighed. "The correct question young one was 'when was that'. The answer is so far away even I don't remember exactly. It was when the universe was very, very young."

"Are you some sort of god?" Cayleb asked

"We are worshipped by some," the voice said. The pool rippled silently.

Cayleb stood, he had to start back.

"You are not the only one? There are more of...of you?" Cayleb asked searching for a way to address her.

"Yes." She replied simply. She could feel his sudden worry. "They are not here. They have not been here in a long time. But they reside within most planets. Watching, keeping balance if we are called."

"How can you be called? You haven't told me your name." Cayleb stated flatly.

"I don't have one you could say or even hear if I spoke it. We are named by the inhabitants of our planets when they feel us and believe." The voice answered

"It is odd to be known as nothing..."Cayleb said

"Not nothing, young one, I exist. You hear me, you feel me.

I am just...


Cayleb turned and stated once more towards the incline without responding. How could one not have a name? One he couldn't hear....

Surely she was toying with him, so he decided to leave, tomorrow was a busy day.

A smile played across his lips. Two could play at this game and he continued to walk away from the pool as if not hearing the beautiful seductive voice. The voice had said a lot today.

"You have kept me waiting long enough. I have duties to attend to and cannot play your silly games today." He said boldly, his tail switching. "No name..."he muttered thoughtfully.

"Not No Name ....UNNAMED!" the beautiful voice turned thunderous with power that echoed off the walls.

A second rumble tore through the cavern and chunks of rock tumbled from the walls crashing to the cavern floor. Cayleb stopped in his tracks utterly shocked and quickly dodged a large boulder barely missing him. Was she throwing a fit again? he wondered.

"Aren't you temperamental! " Cayleb said "You could have injured me with that boulder."

"Surely one as important as you can pick and choose what you do and when" The voice countered. "Besides you have feline reflexes. Consider it a test."

"Every day I breathe life is a test" Cayleb said "I do not need yours too."

"You are the first I have spoken to in eons. Have I not made good use of your time, helped you understand the secrets of this world, allowed your people to live bountifully? Surely a few moments spent waiting for me is a small sacrifice and practice in patience. After all young one, you were the one who disturbed my rest and woke me. I have simply chosen to be your guardian. Seeing to you as I would any other creature. I have watched over you from the time of your conception." The voice paused to allow Cayleb time to really understand. "Would you prefer no guardian at all. This planet on its own would wipe you and your people out all on its own."

"You knew I was sitting here all this time, yet you refused to speak to me. Why?" He asked again, agitation sweeping through him, a low growl in his throat.

"You amuse me young one." Laughter filled the chamber echoing and tinkling across the minerals. He had never heard that sound from her before.

" Oh, so now you know play, and laughter?" Cayleb asked

"You reminded me." She said.

"Yes, you are correct. I was aware of your presence." She admitted.

"However, my allegiance is first to my planet. You will do well to remember that. I have much tending to do. The growing season has begun on the dark side of the planet as you well know. I was increasing the seed edge area so it could sustain your harvest. I have only done so because your people have shown honor and moderation in your harvest seasons. This is my gift to you. Do not make me regret it. I needed my full consciousness in one place. Keeping the planet in harmony is no small task young one. It was much easier before your kind arrived. As you are the first born here, the task may one day fall to you.

"You needed time to settle your chaotic mind." The voice answered "It is important that you do well tomorrow, young one. You must gain the trust and respect of your people. They will one day follow you"

Cayleb remained quiet. He had no word to apologize. It was a feeling he projected, his tail drooping, his head bowed. His mind was still a flurry of activity. What did she mean it may one day fall to me? He would likely rule the refugees upon his father's death, but the whole planet. Obviously, whatever she was; she had been on this planet alone for far too long.

"I do not detect any calm in you, young one, but I accept your offering. " The voice said, "perhaps you should remain by the pool a little longer."

"I am fine" He assured the voice "I know I should not be entering this place, but I cannot stay away. I am just concerned I will be found out."

"Why do you speak an untruth?" The voice questioned

Cayleb hung his head. She had discovered his true thoughts.

"You are worried you will not be chosen. There shall be no untruths between us. Is this understood, young one?" The voice reprimanded gently. Cayleb barely inclined his head

"Go now" said the voice "I have much to do too."

Cayleb took a few steps toward the opening and stopped. "Will you be with me?"

"I cannot."

Cayleb waited for more but the churning water settled once more into a peaceful black glassy smoothness and quiet filled the cavern once more. She was gone. He took a deep breath determined not to allow the twinge of disappointment at her words affect him.

Was that a fissure of disappointment he heard in her voice?

Cayleb did not have a lot of time to concern himself now with worry. He had to get moving. He raced up the steep incline and heaved the rock to the side. Replacing it gently, he started the journey home. The festivities would start soon, and he had to accompany his family to the Gathering Tree where the celebration would begin.

She was right. He was worried that he would not be chosen. His mind told him there were many good reasons that he should not be chosen, but Cayleb chose not to listen to those thoughts.

© Venis Nytes

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