Welcome, Reader!  I write fun and steamy paranormal, fantasy, future fiction, novellas, novels, and erotic short stories for YA+/NA readers.  I hope you enjoy my cross-genre writing. Thanks for stopping by ~ Venis Nytes

Kissing in the Rain 

A complete work of 4  short erotic stories.

The original first draft version have been removed from Wattpad. The completed version is now available to read and review for free on Inkitt

The version that will be published is novella length,  will be properly edited. In the meantime, enjoy the original first drafts on my blog.  Links to snippets of each story are below and on the book page.

I am a former Book Blogger, Reviewer and indie author promoter.

 Currently, I am a published independent writer aspiring to grow my reading audience, who loves reading and enjoys writing stories. I write stories with adult characters for adults 18+.  You won't find any teenage characters or high school drama stories in my writing. My characters are in their mid 20's and older.

 I enjoy reading and writing fiction primarily in NA, Adult, and Erotic/Steamy romance. I absolutely love fantasy, sci-fi alien, monster, and paranormal romance, especially vampire stories.

 I have several works in progress that I am currently working on.  At the beginning of my writing journey, all stories were supposed to be short stories but they took on a life of their own and will be novels, series, or novellas at completion. The unedited original first drafts excerpts of my stories can be found on my blog, Inkitt, and on Wattpad.  

I will keep you updated with teasers, snippets, changes, etc on my blog, social media, and here on this website. 

Visit now to read the stories as I  worked them out in the beginning.  Venis Nytes Writes.

I am still learning the ins and outs of writing so don't expect Shakespearean quality. I have a few stories to tell and will try my best to get them out of my head and into your hands by e-book or print in a way that hopefully will be enjoyable to read. I promise I won't make you wade through a bunch of ambiguous words and super lengthy descriptions. I will edit, edit again, and edit some more. I self-publish because I have yet to be discovered by a traditional publishing house and don't have millions of followers.  The pandemic all but killed my business.  I stopped writing after becoming a full-time caregiver for my in-laws. After five years of being housebound, and to keep my sanity, I returned to my writing.

current works in progress